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Welcome To Dinosaur Toys Superstore!

Welcome to Dinosaur Toys Superstore! My son Jesse began to love dinosaurs so much when he was just a little boy. He was introduced to toy dinosaurs and the sandbox at San Jose Parent Participation Pre-school and it was love at first site!

We joined Scholastic Book Club that offers all types of educational children’s books for sale every month. His sister Breanna picked variety of books and Jesse always picked dinosaur books. He loved to learn everything he could about dinosaurs. Every night before bed I would let them both pick out books to read. We gathered on the couch and nestled in for reading time. It’s one of my fondest memories as a mom. We soon had a fantastic collection of dinosaur books for preschoolers to read!

By the time Jesse was just about three years old he wanted to have a dinosaur birthday party and on his list of birthday presents was a Plesiosaurus dinosaur toy just like the swimming dinosaurs we had read about. You would think that would be an easy dinosaur gift for any parent to find, but it was not! I must have visited at least fifteen toy stores and came out empty handed. He already and the popular dinosaurs toys like Tyrannosaurus Rex toys, Stegosaurus and pterodactyl toys. I thought to myself how hard can it be to find dinosaurs for sale that swim.

It turned out it was impossible because all of the toy stores at that time only carried the typical dinosaur figurines for sale that were the most commonly known dinosaur figurines, like the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops dinosaur toys for boys. I finally found a really small dinosaur toys Plesiosaurus for sale amongst a great section in a little store in Los Gatos California that had a little section of dinosaur stuff for kids! I was so happy to pay $6.00 for a little and very cute dinosaur figures that fit perfectly into his pocket. He carried his little plesiosaurus dinosaur toy everywhere he went. I soon had enough dinosaur toys to make my little dinosaur lover very happy! 

Jesse had a super fun dinosaur theme birthday party and all of his friends loved all the dinosaur decorations and dinosaur stuff that they got to take home in their dinosaur loot bags from the party!
One day Jesse and I were reading books together and I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. His first answer was a police officer so I tickled him and told him that is way too dangers, so he then answered ok mom I’ll be a fireman, no, no, no I said and kept tickling him he finally came up with I will have my own dinosaur store. I thought to myself what a wonderful idea a store that sells dinosaur educational toys for kids! My imagination went wild thinking of all the fun the kids had with the dinosaur kids toys at the dino party and in the sandbox at preschool. Most people think that dinosaurs are a boy thing but Jesse had a little friend Melinda that also loved dinosaurs and I discovered that dinosaur toys for girls are just as popular! 

I decided to open an online dinosaur toy store that offers dinosaur toys for sale and a lot more dinosaur stuff that Jesse wanted as well for future dinosaur gifts. He wanted everything to be dinosaur related, even his pj’s were dinosaur pajamas!

When Jesse turned four years old I gave him a Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur excavation kit. This dinosaur toys kit was so much fun for him. I let him excavate his dinosaur in the garage. The paleontologist dinosaur excavation kit came with a chisel, hammer and eye protection glasses. It took him a few hours to get the dinosaur skeleton toy bones completely out of the earth. The dinosaur bones all snapped together to complete the dinosaur puzzle. This dinosaur kit was a fantastic dinosaur kids toys that let kids pretend to be a paleontologist and excavate a dinosaur skeleton toy that comes in many different dinosaurs including the ever popular flying dinosaurs Pterodactyl toy, T-rex, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Mammoth and Velociraptor toys that are great fun and can be set upon their dresser for dinosaur room decorations too!

If you are a teacher, homeschooler, or parent searching for dinosaur educational games our dinosaur bingo and dinosaur playing cards offer excellent dinosaur toys games for the little ones. Dinosaur-opoly is for children ages 8 and up and is a very fun twist on the classic game Monolopy. I highly recommend this educational dinosaur game for anyone who loves dinosaurs! Pair it up with a dinosaur t-shirt and some dinosaur jewelry like our Stegosaurus dinosaur earrings and there you have it a perfect adult dinosaur gifts!

A lot of people are searching for huge dinosaur toys for Christmas gifts and we have a really big dinosaur toys from Melissa and Doug and Hansa dinosaurs! These ride on giant dinosaur toys are super high quality and sure to please any dinosaur fan!

We have it all here at Dinosaur Toys Superstore from dinosaur toys toddlers to dinosaur baby toys that are perfect for baby showers. Our online dinosaur toy store caters to every dinosaur lover at any age. We carry swimming dinosaurs, flying dinosaurs and big blue diplodocus toys and of course the ever popular t-rex dinosaur toys.

Over the years we have been in business selling dinosaur toys children we have realized that a lot of adults collect dinosaur models, replicas and figurines from manufacturers such as Collecta dinosaurs, Schleich dinosaur figures and Safari dinosaur figurines as well. We started off just selling dinosaur toys toddler and quickly realized the entire world was searching to shop for dinosaur educational toys, t-shirts, games and even the flying dinosaurs like the Pterodactyl dinosaurs.

This discovery that people were not just shopping for dinosaur toys 3 year old for sale opened our eyes to the prehistoric toys would and soon we broadened our store from just selling dinosaur toys for sale to include dinosaur birthday party supplies, t-shirts, jewelry, coloring books and dinosaur excavation kits.
Our online dino store is family owned and operated by dinosaur lovers. We love talking about dinosaurs toys and are happy to tell you about all the new dinosaur models and merchandise being added daily to our dino store online. You will always find the latest dinosaurs toys for sale right here at Dinosaur Toys Superstore.

We are always very happy to assist you to place your order, answer any questions on our products and as always give you fantastic customer service and super-fast shipping. Call 509-951-3557 to discuss any of our dinosaurs for sale online. Our staff has first-hand knowledge of all our dinosaur stuff for sale.

Enjoy shopping at the best online dinosaur toy store that has the best selection of dinosaur toys for boys and girls.

Gina Graves/Owner