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"Wow! Such great news....you've been such a great help! Thank you again for your wonderful help!"

- Janice, ---
"Dinosaur Toys Superstore is just the best dino store ever! My sons loved every dinosaur we ordered and they arrived so fast! Thank you for your speedy service!

- Linda, Alabama
“I received my order and I was surprised and very happy it arrived so quickly. All of the dinosaur toys are excellent quality and I am very pleased with them and can't wait for my sons birthday to arrive! It is nice to receive excellent service and great products. Thank you. I will be back to shop for more dinosaurs for Christmas. Your selection is fantastic along with your prices. Thank you again!

- Barbara, New Hampshire
"Wow. Thank you!!"

- Marti, New York
"I just want to let you know how much fun all the girls had painting the dinosaur suncatchers. They were all so happy to take them home after the party! Thank you for your spot on recommendation! I love that you know your product and you know exactly what kids love at all different ages! Thank you!!!

- Carla, Connecticut
"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for your customer care. You saved me from driving to the mall 40 minutes away in bad weather! The Dinosaur stuffed animal gift was passed around the baby shower - everyone wanted to see it! Take care!

- Millie, Hawaii
"It was my first time ordering online and I was a bit nervous so I called and spoke with the owner Gina. She was very helpful in assisting me place my toy dinosaur order and it arrived sooner that I thought it would. I will shop for my sons dinosaur toys here again! Thank you!"

- Mary, Los Gatos, CA
We purchased a coloring book for our niece called I Can Draw Dinosaurs for Christmas hoping she would like it. When she opened our gift that was it! She was so happy with our gift she immediately started coloring the dinosaurs and starting drawing her own. Such a great gift! Thank you for suggesting this fun dinosaur book.

- Roger D., Rockford, IL
I called to get some advise on what an 8 year old boy that loves dinosaurs would be good. The owner was very helpful, suggested a Dinosaur Excavation Kit and placed our order for us over the phone. Two days later it arrived. Our cousin had so much fun excavating the dinosaur skeleton. Thank you for helping us pick the perfect gift for him

- Richard Lopez, Branford, CT
Our son wanted to be a bat for Halloween, then at the last minute he changed his mind and wanted to be a dinosaur. We searched everywhere and could not find what we were after in the stores. I found the Iguanodon dinosaur costume at Dinosaur Toys Superstore and called to see how fast it could be shipped to us. The owner was so helpful and had it expressed overnight to us to make sure my son for sure got to be a dinosaur for Halloween. Thank you for understanding how important these things are to kids. Even after Halloween he loves to wear the costume!

- Shelly, New York, NY
Our daughter loves dinosaurs and that is all she asked for for her birthday. We ordered all of the dinosaur birthday stuff and I decided to call and ask if we could get a discount if I ordered all of the dinosaurs made my Carnegie. The owner was happy to give me a discount. Just wanted to say thank you! What a great dino store.

- Linda K, Kentucky
I work for a school and needed specific dinosaurs for my kids. I called to see if they would just pick out the t-rex and stegosaurus dinosaurs for my class. She was more willing to do so. The kids learned a lot and I now have a great source for dinosaurs! Thank you Gina.

- Kevin P., Wyoming
I ordered a dinosaur tshirt for my son and it was too big for him. I called to return it for a smaller size and received my smaller tshirt for my son in just a few days. No hassel about returns and very nice to deal with on the phone. I will be coming back to shop here for all my sons dinosaur toys this Christmas!

- Paula A., Wisconsin
All of our kids are dinosaur nuts. We live in a small town and its really hard to find dinosaurs for them that they dont already have. I stumbled across Dinosaur Toys Superstore and now I never have to stress about finding dinosaur toys for them. Thank you for making birthdays and Christmas a breeze!

- Monique G., Massachusetts
Preschool turned our son into a dinosaur crazy kid. They had dinosaur week and ever since then all he wants everything dinosaur. He can even pronounce their names. I thought it would fizzle after a while, but it has not. He is 7 now. I found Dinosaur Toys Superstore and let him pick out what he wanted to put on his wish list for his birthday. He loved every dinosaur. They are super friendly and have fast shipping. I for sure will shop here again and again.

- Patty J., Utah
My sister and I opened a daycare center and wanted some recommendations for dinosaurs. We spent a lot of money on the building and did not have much left to spend on toys. She knew exactly what dinosaurs were the most popular and a good mix - just as she said all of the dinosaur toys were high quality models that stand up to tough rough dinosaur play! Thank you! The boys and girls play with them daily. I will be ordering more soon.

- Shelby, Oregon
I am a kindergarten teacher and on a tight budget. I wanted to decorate my classroom for the kids with dinosaurs. I called to see if they would give a teacher discount. She did offer a discount for certain amounts. I ended up talking with her for over an hour about dinosaur decorating ideas. This lady really knows kids and loves to talk about decorating ideas. She gave me so many free or next to nothing decorating ideas. Simply wonderful! I would recommend this store to anyone who needs dinosaur ideas and dinosaur toys.

- Rebecca, New Mexico
I found it super easy to shop because they suggest dinosaur toys that go together and it made it easy to give a nice coordinated dino gift. Easy to shop for dinosaurs here. Thank you!

- Anna, Arizona
I needed 125 dinosaur claws to toss in the grass for the kids to find. The computer would only let me order 12 so I called and she was more than happy to place a special order for me. I had my dinosaur claws on time. Nice shopping experience. Thank you and the kids loved searching for the dinosaur claws!

- Abby, Vermont
I hesitate to shop online but this store had exactly what I was searching for redecorating my husbands office. I called and she was very helpful. I received all of the dinosaur skulls that I ordered and they are nice quality. Nice honest store.

- Christina V., South Dakota
Thank you for making it super easy to stuff my daughters Christmas stocking full of dinosaur toys that fit! The stocking turned out so cute. This stores owner really loves what she does. Very friendly and helpful.

- Beth, Colorado
I called to see if they would ship to Australia and how long it would take. She answered all of my questions and placed my order for me. I received my order on time and the dinosaur birthday party was fun for all. Thank you!

- Brooke, Australia
Excellent products. I received the dinosaur toys that I ordered in two days. If I need more dinosaurs this is the store that I will shop at. Thank you.

- Bill, Tennessee
I found dinosaur earrings in this store and wanted to confirm they were well made before I ordered. I spoke with Gina and she was very helpful. My students noticed my earrings right away! I love them. Thank you so much.

- Kaye, California
I wanted to buy my son every dinosaur toy in the Safari area but was short on time and patience. I called and she offered to do it for me. Thank you for making shopping easy. I will buy from here again.

- Robert, Ohio
"I recently purchased 4 dinosaurs toys gifts for my son's birthday from Dinosaur Toys Superstore, and I was really impressed with not only the variety of items they carry, but also with their prices. I found them to be cheaper than other sites. I dealt with the owner, Gina, who provided fantastic and friendly customer service. She answered my inquiries in record time and was able to ship the goods to me to Canada for a reasonable price. I was nervous about the shipping since there wasn't a lot of time to spare, so she was on top of the shipping company to ensure that I received my merchandise on time. Most importantly, my 6 year old boy loved the stuff!!!"

- Malena, Canada