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Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Toys

Is Euoplucephalus your favorite dinosaur? We strive to stock popular dinosaur toys as well as some of the lesser known, such as Euoplocephalus dinosaur toys.

Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

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You are in luck we just happen to have one dinosaur model of the Euoplucephalus dinosaur! This dinosaur toy is a soft and squishy dino toy that can be played with in the bath tub or pool! These soft and squishy dinosaur toys for kids are great for summer time fun! This dinosaur figurine is an awesome toy dinosaur that would be a great addition to any dinosaur collection! It is a wonderfully affordable unique Euoplecephalus toy dinosaur that also makes a great dinosaur gifts for kids who love dinosaurs. Although most dinosaur collectors collect dinosaur replicas, models and figurines, this soft plastic dinosaur unique enough to add to any dinosaur display. It makes a great conversation piece as most people do not recognize this dinosaur! Just to help you out here is how to pronounce this dinosaurs name ew-op-lo-sef-e-les! We have one dinosaur decal to offer that features the Euoplucephalus dinosaur made by Fathead Dinosaurs Group Two Wall Decal that lets you live among the dinosaurs with these three fascinating giants that roamed the earth. In minutes you can create your own prehistoric world that includes: Triceratops: The triceratops was a herbivore that existed 65-68 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period. It averaged about 26-29.5ft wide and 9.5-9.8ft tall. Its most known for their frill and three facial horns, some think they were used as a defense mechanism. Euoplocephalus: Meaning well-armored head. It averaged about 20 ft long and 7.9 ft wide. It existed 65-85 million years ago during the late Cretaceous period. Its entire head and body were covered in bands of armor and had a bony club at the end of its tail. It was a herbivore. And Tyrannosaurus Rex: Its name means "tyrant lizard". T-rex existed 65.5 - 68.5 million years ago during the Late Cretaceous period. It is the largest land carnivore of all time. It averaged 42ft long and 13ft tall at the hips. It is most known for its short forelimbs, large hind limbs and a long, heavy tail. The Fathead dinosaur wall graphics are life-size action images that you stick on any smooth surface. You can move them and reuse them and they are safe for walls. Fathead dinosaur wall stickers are way better than a poster, much bigger than a sticker and tougher than a decal! We do recommend having two people to install these huge dinosaur wall stickers! The size of these dino stickers are 6'W x 2'9"H and are wonderful to use as dinosaur decorations for professional offices and any dinosaur bedroom too. Dinosaur décor is a popular choice for a lot of medical offices because dinosaurs appeal to a wide variety of people. It is to date the only Euoplucephalus replica available from all of our dinosaur lines. If you are planning a dinosaur birthday party a new fresh idea for decorating a dinosaur cake is to add dinosaur models on top of the cake! It’s easy to shop dinosaurs at our dinosaur store! We have separated out the dinosaur names just to make it easy for you to buy dinosaurs that you are specifically interested in! Our selection of dinosaur activities is fantastic! Our DK Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs is a wonderful dinosaur sticker book for kids and adults to enjoy! It has so many uses for anyone that needs to find dinosaur activities for kids. Most teachers do include dinosaur lessons in school and assign dinosaur projects for kids to make such as dinosaur dioramas. My son’s pre-school teachers had extensive dinosaur lesson plans that included perfect dinosaur activities for preschoolers! They had been doing it so long they had everything dinosaur for the kids such as dinosaur crafts for kids at the craft table, dinosaur puzzles and games set out! This dinosaur sticker book would be perfect to use for dinosaur crafts for preschoolers! They could pick their favorite dinosaur, peel the stickers off and decorate so many things. This dinosaur sticker book makes doing dinosaur activities for toddlers is easy! Dinosaur stickers were always a bit hit at the craft table too! Our DK Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs features dinosaur stickers and facts about every kind of dinosaur imaginable, from towering T-rex to wily Compsognathus. More than just a dino sticker book, DK Sticker Encyclopedias features a wealth of dinosaur facts and jaw-dropping statistics. Readers can use the book's hundreds of stickers to illustrate these facts, create their own scenes, or add some pizzazz to their school supplies and lockers! This dinosaur sticker book features more than 600 dinosaur stickers! If you are into dangerous dinosaurs our DK Ultimate Dangerous Dinosaurs Sticker Book is annotated with factual dinosaur information, each book contains more than 60 full-color, reusable dinosaur stickers so children can create their own fun scenes! We have one more dinosaur sticker book that includes the Euoplucephalus dinosaur and it is our Usborne Dinosaurs Sticker Book that contains over 80 different dinosaurs and prehistoric animals shown inside this sticker book. Each one is clearly described, and illustrated with a black and white picture. Can you find the right dinosaur sticker to go with each description? Learn to tell an Iguanodon from a Pteranodon with this fact-filled dinosaur sticker book. With over eighty illustrations of dinosaurs and simple descriptions of dinosaurs and other prehistoric beasts, you will soon be equipped for a dinosaur safari! If you have any questions, just give us a call on our toll free number anytime! We are all about dinosaurs and love to talk about dinosaurs! If you need more dinosaur things than what we have in stock, just call and we will special order any dinosaur items for you. Check back often as I am always adding more dinosaur stuff to make shop dinosaurs easy for you!