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Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

Dinosaur Skulls and Replicas
Shop Dinosaur Skull Replicas and Models. Within the dinosaur skull category at Dinosaur Toys Superstore you will find a collection of high-quality and professional dinosaur skulls models. These dinosaur models are superbly constructed from polyresin and hand-painted with acrylic resin that together gives the reproduction an attractive and natural-looking finish. Most skull models are mounted on an elegant solid wood base and adorned with a solid brass plaque engraved with the name of the dinosaur.

The dinosaur skull models in our collection are museum quality affordable dinosaur skull replicas. All of their products are inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality. Their skull models are developed under the guidance of paleontologists and based on the latest scientific data. All of the dinosaur skulls and skeletons replicas are scientifically accurate and created to scale with an amazing level of detail.

This collection of dinosaur skulls is the perfect piece for decoration the home, classroom or office. It can be a professional looking piece or be turned into something fun. Collecting these museum quality dinosaur skulls is a fun hobby! Match them with a few toy dinosuars from Safari, Collect or Schleich too add a final touch is an affordable way to enhance the prehistoric theme at an affordable price. Decorating a bookcase with dinosaur books and a few toy dinosaurs is easy and entices education learning too.
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Smilodon Saber Tooth Cat Skull Model
Product Code: DS221
Price: $69.00

Status: In-Stock

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New to our store are a lot of dinosaur skulls, bones, fingers, claws, teeth and fossils! We carry dinosaurs skulls that are mounted upon a plaque and dinosaur skull that are not mounted on a plaque. Dinosaurs bones are fun to collect and decorate with too. Our Collecta dinosaur fossils for kids is a great dinosaur gift that comes with a nice display box that can be set on a shelf or hung on a wall to display the dinosaur bones for kids. The display box is easy to open if they want to inspect and get an up close view of their dinosaur bone. They also come with an informational card that teaches them all about dinosaurs. All dinosaur fossil can be used to decorate a room or even a dinosaur party table. We have a lot of dinosaur fossils for sale that are authentic replicas just like you see in the dinosaur museums! I am so excited to be able to offer dinosaur bones for sale! I remember taking my son Jesse to a dinosaur museum and him looking at the bones dinosaur and saying I wish they were for sale. The dinosaur fingers, teeth and claw fossils are also great for dinosaur science projects. They can be easily mounted in a dinosaur diorama.

Using a shoebox, turn the shoebox so it rests on one if its long sides. Glue construction paper or scrapbooking paper with sky print, and dirt print or an erupting volcano onto the back and bottom of the interior of the shoebox to form the sky and ground.

Cut shapes out of construction paper to create the backdrop. Remember that far away objects appear smaller, so size your background shapes accordingly. An erupting volcano or lush foliage will help set your scene.

Glue your dinosaurs to the floor of the diorama. Remember that they are the focal point of your diorama, so put them front and center. For winged dinosaurs such as the pterodactyl, hang these winged creatures from the top of the shoebox with a piece of fishing line so they will look as if they can fly.

Frame the diorama with decorative elements. Glue small rocks to create boulders for a rocky terrain, or cut palm fronds out of green construction paper and tape them to the sides of the box to simulate thick foliage. Let the glue dry thoroughly before moving your diorama.

If you are wondering which dinosaur skull is the most popular it is the t rex skull replica. We carry three different tyrannosaurus rex skulls for you to choose from. All of the t-rex skull replicas are of museum quality. All of the trex skull models are made of poly resin and can be used to decorate a dinosaur theme room. If you are searching for a tyrannosaurus rex head skull or a triceratops skull we have in stock for you!