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Wild Safari Prehistoric Life Dinosaur Toys

Wild Safari Prehistoric Life Dinosaur Toys. Shopping for dinosaurs toys for kids is easy at Dinosaur Toys Superstore. We are proud to offer such a great toy dinosaur collection. Wild Safari is a leading manufacturer and distributor of authentic dinosaur replica collectibles, Wild Safari offers the one of the largest variety dinosaur replica sizes and themes on the market. Based in the US, Wild Safaris expert sculptors research the anatomy of the replicated dinosaurs to ensure accurate details. From its start in 1980 Safari Ltd. has been committed to educating children about both the Earth and the life that inhabits it. One of their many techniques for educating children is including educational information about each dinosaur figurine in five different languages including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian. Due to their commitment to producing authentic and accurate dinosaur models or figurines, Wild Safari has partnered with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pittsburgh since 1986 to produce one of the worlds premier lines of dinosaur model toys. With the Carnegie Dinosaur on their resume, its hard to beat the quality and accuracy of Wild Safari dinosaurs. Beyond just the Carnegie Collection, Wild Safari produces their own line of dinosaur replicas. This line features over 30 dinosaur toy models for kids, boys, girls, children, toddlers, preschoolers and collectors. Mixing and Safari, Collecta and Schleich dinosaurs makes for a wonderful collection of dinosaurs.


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Product Code: 302929
Wild Safari Suchomimus Dinosaur Toy - It's a crocodile, it's a dinosaur, it's …both? Suchomimus means 'crocodile mimic' and this meat-eating dinosaur displays why.

Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life were created for the dino lover in all of us.

Slightly smaller than our Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles, these educational toys for kids and collectors introduce the fascinating landscapes and creatures of prehistoric worlds. All of our products are lead free and thoroughly safety tested.

7.51" x 3.80" x 0.00" ( 19.25 cm x 9.75 cm x cm )
Recommended Age:

Price: $9.99

Status: In-Stock

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