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Dinosaur Decorations

Dinosaur Decorations. Shopping for dinosaur decorations for a dinosaur room is a snap here at Dinosaur Toys Superstore.com. We stock everything dinosaurs toys related you need to create the ultimate dinosaur bedroom! To make it super easy for you to decorate we stock really nice dinosaur wallpaper and dinosaur wall stickers that are easy to apply. Our dinosaur stickers come with instructions and make dinosaur décor fun to transform any room. Dinosaur murals are a fantastic way to turn any room into a prehistoric fun room.  Our dinosaur wall decals come in many sizes and colors to make decorating easy. All of our dinosaur accessories will make decorating so much fun. We carry some of the finest brands of dinosaur bedding. Our dinosaur sheets have amazing detail and are of the highest quality. If you are looking to decorate a dinosaur bed, our stuffed dinosaur toys and either Safari, Collecta or Schleich toy dinosaurs added to the room make nice accents too. look great too. Dinosaur decals and dinosaur wall paper is a fast way to transform any room!  

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Spinosaurus Dinosaur Wall Sticker
Product Code: SPINO
Spinosaurus Dinosaur Wall Sticker - The Spinosaurus was quite possibly the largest carnivorous dinosaur to ever live. It was believed to be even bigger than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. With its enormous crocodile-like mouth, this top predator was not a force to be reckoned with. Bring this extinct predator back to life with this exquisite sticker.

54" x 30" inches
Self adhesive vinyl mural
Just peel and stick
Smooth, professional finish
Apply indoors or outdoors

Price: $44.95

Status: In-Stock

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