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Dinosaur Skulls and Replicas
Shop Dinosaur Skull Replicas and Models. Within the dinosaur skull category at Dinosaur Toys Superstore you will find a collection of high-quality and professional dinosaur skulls models. These dinosaur models are superbly constructed from polyresin and hand-painted with acrylic resin that together gives the reproduction an attractive and natural-looking finish. Most skull models are mounted on an elegant solid wood base and adorned with a solid brass plaque engraved with the name of the dinosaur.

The dinosaur skull models in our collection are museum quality affordable dinosaur skull replicas. All of their products are inspected before shipment to ensure the highest quality. Their skull models are developed under the guidance of paleontologists and based on the latest scientific data. All of the dinosaur skulls and skeletons replicas are scientifically accurate and created to scale with an amazing level of detail.

This collection of dinosaur skulls is the perfect piece for decoration the home, classroom or office. It can be a professional looking piece or be turned into something fun. Collecting these museum quality dinosaur skulls is a fun hobby! Match them with a few toy dinosuars from Safari, Collect or Schleich too add a final touch is an affordable way to enhance the prehistoric theme at an affordable price. Decorating a bookcase with dinosaur books and a few toy dinosaurs is easy and entices education learning too.
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Abelisaurus Dinosaur Fossil Skull Replica
Product Code: MG08

Abelisaurus Dinosaur Fossil Skull Replica is of museum quality and cast in durable polyurethane resins. This fine Abelisaurus skull fossil will thrill any dinosaur lover and collector. Scale is 1:9 model from Cretaceous dinosaur of the Allen Formation, Rio Negro. Recommended for ages 6 and Up.

Abelisaurus skull. Abelisaurus comahuensis. Fossil Replica. Cretaceous dinosaur of the Allen Formation, Rio Negro. Museum quality fossil replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins and made in the USA. 1:9 scale. 

Abelisaurus ("Abel's lizard") is a genus of abelisaurid theropod dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous Period of what is now South America. It was a bipedal carnivore that probably reached 25 to 30 feet (7 to 9 meters) in length, although it is known from only one partial skull.

Price: $106.00

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