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Dinosaur Halloween Costumes
Shop Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for kids, boys, girls, toddlers, preschoolers, children and even dogs. The little fido dinosaur outfits are so darling and the kids will love to come home to see their favorite pet sporting a Stegosaurus costume.  Lots of kids love to play dress up in their dino costumes even after the holiday. Our masks and outfits are great for creative and imaginary play. Currently we have Tyrannosaurus rex or t rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops to choose from. We have recently added Dinosaur Train Buddy and Tiny Halloween costumes for all those little ones that love the PBS Dinosaur Train movies. A great sugar free Halloween idea is to give little dinosaur toys in place of candy! The kids will all be happy to receive little dinosaurs toys in their pumpkins. We have lots of little toy dinosaurs to choose from for ages 3 and up.
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Iguanodon Dinosaur Halloween Plush Costume
Product Code: 63815
Iguanadon Dinosaur Costume is made of deluxe plush material and is very colorful Costume. This awesome costume includes dinosaur headpiece, printed scaly jumpsuit with attached mitts, and large dinosaur feet. Sturdy construction with stain resistant fabrics.

Costume Includes:
- Jumpsuit with attached mitts and feet.
- Headpiece
- Available Size in Toddler (2-3) 

Price: $35.99


Status: In-Stock

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