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Shop Styracosaurus Dinosaur Toys. Styracosaurus was a genus of herbivorous dinosaur from the Cretaceous Period, about 76.5 to 75.0 million years ago. Styracosaurus meaning "spiked lizard" had four to six long horns extending from its neck frill, a smaller horn on each of its cheeks, and a single horn protruding from its nose, which may have been up to 2 ft. long and 6 in. wide. The function or functions of the horns and frills have been debated for many years. Styracosaurus was a relatively large dinosaur, reaching lengths of 18 ft.  and weighing nearly 3 tons. It stood about 6 ft. tall. Styracosaurus possessed four short legs and a bulky body. Its tail was rather short. The skull had a beak and shearing cheek teeth arranged in continuous dental batteries, suggesting that the animal sliced up plants. Stegosaurus may have been a herd animal, traveling in large groups, as suggested by bonebeds.

Currently there are two different dinosaurs toys models to choose from made by Collecta and Schleich dinosaur toys. We also offer Styracosaurus skulls models, stickers, tattoos and even Geoworlds Dinoart Styracosaurus Dinoart Painting Kit that is a perfect, detailed Styracosaurus dinosaur toys replica to build and paint! If you are searching for unique dinosaur decorations check out our Styracosaurus crossing sign and stencil book which also includes the much loved Styracosaurus. The Collecta toy dinosaurs model is our most popular we think because of it's unusual pose and fantastic detail. 

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