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Shop Nigersaurus Dinosaur Toys. Nigersaurus is a dinosaur from the middle Cretaceous period, about 119 to 99 million years ago during the Aptian or Albian age. Nigersaurus was a plant-eater that had an unusual mouth "shaped like the wide intake slot of a vacuum" that took in food and chewed it with over a hundred very small, sharp teeth. Nigersaurus had as many as 500 or 600 teeth in its shovel-shaped head. Nigersaurus reached about 29.5 ft. in length. 

We carry Collecta and Wild Safari Nigersaurus dinosaurs toys models or figurines for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. These toy dinosaurs figures or figurines are all hand painted and very nice quality replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric toy dinosaurs play by kids. We also stock Wild Safari Skulls toob which includes a skull of a Nigersaurus replica. 

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Wild Safari Nigersaurus Dinosaur Toy
Product Code: 286329
Wild Safari Nigersaurus Dinosaur Toy - Dinosaurs that children love most in a variety of fiercely action packed poses. Each dinosaur replica is amazingly detailed, hand painted for realism and designed to stimulate the imagination. All our figures are sculpted by experts which ensures authenticity. By providing educational information in five languages, we encourage children to learn about these ancient extinct creatures that once roamed our earth. All our products are phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested to safeguard your child's health. Safari Ltd. takes pride in providing breathtaking, innovative and value priced figures for now over three generations. Featured is our Wild Safari Dino Nigersaurus Size: 8" L x 3" H [20 x 7.5 cm]. Suggested age 3+

Price: $9.99

Status: In-Stock

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