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Shop Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toys. Giganotosaurus although large, had a slender, elongated build. It showed wrinkled appearance areas on the edges of the snout top and above the eye opening. Giganotosaurus dinosaur lived around 95 million years ago during the early Cenomanian stage of the Late Cretaceous Periods. Fossils have been found in Argentina. The most complete find of Giganotosaurus was made by Rubén Dario Carolini, an amateur fossil hunter who, on 25 July 1993, discovered a skeleton in deposits of Patagonia (southern Argentina) in what is now considered the Candeleros Formation. 

We carry Schleichs Giganotosaurus dinosaurs toys models or figurines for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. This figure is  hand painted and very nice quality dinosaur toys replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric play by kids. We also offer museum quality Giganotosaurus skull and tooth fossil replicas that are made of acrylic and make wonderful decorations for bedrooms or professional offices as well. Pair the Giganotosaurus toy dinosaurs up with a few other dinos and you will have a nice collection.

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Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Skull Fossil Replica
Product Code: P01

Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Skull Fossil Replica is of museum quality and cast in durable polyurethane resins. This fine Giganotosaurus skull fossil will thrill any dinosaur lover and collector! From the fossil of the largest carnosaur found. Cretaceous Patagonia (Argentina) near Plaza Huincul. (3-D) 1/9TH SCALE , 8.25-inches or 21cm. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Museum quality replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins. Made in USA.

Price: $223.00

Status: In-Stock

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