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We are proud to offer over fifty different Velociraptor dinosaur toys to you! We have everything dinosaur when it comes to the velociraptor dinosaur! Toy Velociraptor are second popular to Tyrannosaurus Rex Toys and they make a great addition to any dinosaur collection!

Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

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We carry a wide range of toy dinosaurs like Safari Velociraptor, Schleich Velociraptor, and CollectA Velociraptor for dinosaur models. For the younger ones we stock a cute Velociraptor stuffed animal made by Aurora. We were very happy to see Aurora add a Velociraptor dinosaur puppet to their collection in 2013! It’s really colorful and lots of fun too. No matter what type of Velociraptor toy you are searching for you have come to the right dinosaur store! I do believe we have the best selection of toy velociraptor anywhere. Some of the items we stock are Velociraptor claw replica made by CollectA which is packaged in a nice display box that can also be hung on the wall for a nice dinosaur display. For the older kids and adults we stock Velociraptor Killing Claw Replica and two different models of a Velociraptor Dinosaur Skull Fossil Replicas. If you are into collecting dinosaur models we offer three different manufactures that make museum quality dinosaur figurines. Safari dinosaurs makes the Safari Great Dinos Velociraptor Dinosaur Toy which has a lot of detail and is a little larger dinosaur replica. Schleich dinosaurs offers two different velociraptor dinosaur models that are of museum quality and hand painted dinosaur toys for kids. CollectA also offers two different Velociraptor dinosaur models along with a CollectA Velociraptor Tooth & Foot Claw Fossil and CollectA Velociraptor Foot Fossil Replica which are very nicely packaged in a plastic display case and are quality dinosaur fossils for replicas. If you are searching for fun dino toys check out our inflatable dinosaur that is a Velociraptor! It has little weights in its feet to keep him balanced! Talk about fun dinosaur toys! We have two Velociraptor skeleton kits to offer. The first one is the 4D Vison Velociraptor Skeleton Anatomy Model Kit that is packed full of dinosaur information for kids! The second kit is the 4M Kidz Labs Velociraptor Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kit which is loads of fun for kids and after they are all done excavating their dinosaur toy they can proudly display their model in their room. For the more serious dinosaur collector we offer a Velociraptor Skeleton Model. This Velociraptor model is very detailed and Constructed from polyresin, mounted on a solid wood base, this incredibly detailed Velociraptor dinosaur skeleton model is hand-painted with an acrylic resin for a natural and long-lasting finish. A solid brass plaque engraved with the Velociraptor name accents the elegant red-mahogany-finished base. For those of you who love to garden we even have a Velociraptor Dinosaur Garden Skeleton Sculpture for you! If you are heading out to a dinosaur party soon check out our Wild Republic Velociraptor Dinosaur Chomper Toy and our Wild Republic Stretcheez Velociraptor Dinosaur Toy! These two dinosaur toys are perfect for dinosaur gifts! Searching for dinosaur decorations you are in luck, we have really cute dinosaur wall stickers and even Velociraptor Dinosaur Crossing sings too! Enjoy shopping at the best dinosaur store on the web today!