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tyrannosaurus rex Dinosaur toys

We know how much everyone loves the Tyrannosaurus Rex and it is by far the most popular dinosaur toy. We carry all types of t rex toys for you to enjoy. Some of the dinosaur model brands that we carry that manufacture tyrannosaurus rex model dinosaur toys are Collecta dinosaurs, Procon dinosaurs / Procon Collecta, Schleich dinosaurs, Safari dinosaurs, and Carnegie dinosaurs.

Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

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All of our dinosaur toys are high quality dinosaurs for kids and adults. We have a huge selection of tyrannosaurus rex toys to choose from that range from plastic dinosaurs, museum quality dinosaur figurines and even baby tyrannosaurus rex toys. If you are searching for dinosaur dig kits that feature a tyrannosaurus rex model we have them in stock for you. Collecta dinosaur collection offers six different trex dinosaur to choose from! Each t rex model is hand painted and very high quality t rex toy. Safari offers four different t rex for kids and adults to collect. They are also hand painted and nice quality toy dinosuars. Carnegie offers two different t rex dinosaur toy models that are museum quality dino toys that are fun to collect to make your very own dinosaur land! Professional offices use our dinosaur replicas to decorate their offices to create an educational and interesting atmosphere for their clients. They mostly purchase our dinosaur models, tyrannosaurus rex skull, and tyrannosaurus rex fossils. Some even purchase a few plush dinosaur toys, a few models of dinosaurs, t rex puppet and dinosaur books and set them in a toy basket for the kids to have toy dinosaurs to play with while they wait for their appointment. Dinosaur toys for kids keeps them busy and entertained! We know of several dentist offices that have goody prizes for kids to choose from after their appointment. They typically order the cheap dinosaurs, like the dinosaur tubes that have smaller dinosaur figurine toys. You would be surprised how well a little one will behave knowing they will receive a toy dinosaur! A Trex toy can be used in schools, medical offices, and churches for prizes and rewards. A dinosaur replica of a tyrannosaurus rex for kids has amazing power! If you need them in bulk quantities we can always special order any of our tyrannosaurus rex toy in any amount for you. We recommend our t rex models, t rex tooth, t rex skull, t rex tooth for the older children and our stuffed t rex for the younger children. A great idea one of our local dentist offices has made a dinosaur display and the kids get to choose from stuffed dinosaur toys and the older kids can also choose a dinosaur tooth replica. It makes it easier on kids knowing the next time they have to go to the dentist they can get another trex tooth! Dinosaurs are a great way to relate with kids! Who doesn’t want to talk about Jurassic park dinosuars! Adventure Planet makes a great trex model that is very affordable and really squishy too! If you are searching for a soft stuffed t rex Aurora has very cute stuffed tyrannosaurus rex toys. If you are a serious collector we have museum quality trex model that make beautiful dinosaur decorations. Our tyrannosaurs rex head skull model is also museum quality and comes with a nice wooden display stand. We carry several different tyrannosaurus rex skull, tyrannosaurs rex teeth to choose from. Collecta offers a tyrannosaurus rex tooth that is packed in a nice display box that can also be hung on the wall too. We even have giant inflatable tyrannosaurus rex toys too! I hope you love our collection of tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs!