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We currently have over seventy Triceratops dinosaur toys in our Triceratops department to shop through! That’s a lot of Triceratops to choose from! We always stock schleich dinosaur models and safari triceratops dinosaur replicas because they are really popular and everyone needs at least one Triceratops in their dinosaur collection!

Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

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A dinosaur toys display just would not be complete without a Triceratops in the mix! Schleich Triceratops and Safari Triceratops are both really nice dinosaur figurines. We pretty much have everything dinosaur in the Triceratops department such as Triceratops skull models, triceratops skeleton replicas and different sizes of Triceratops model for sale. Auora makes a really cute dinosaur stuffed animal Triceratops and they also make a realistic stuffed dinosaur Triceratops as well. The dinosaur models we carry are made by Safari dinosaurs, Schleich dinosaurs, CollectA Dinosaurs or Procon Dinosaurs and Carnegie Dinosaurs. If your kids love doing puzzles and love dinosaurs we recommend 4D Master 3D Hand Painted Triceratops Dinosaur Toy Model Puzzle. This dinosaur puzzle is fun to put together and can be displayed in their room once it is complete! For the older child we carry Dino Horizons 3D Fossil Textured Triceratops Dinosaur Skeleton Toy Puzzle Test Tube and Dino Horizons 3D Glow-In-The-Dark Triceratops Dinosaur Skeleton Toy Puzzle Test Tube. These dino puzzles are for ages 5 and up and come loaded with dinosaur information for kids! If you have a science seeking child that loves dinosaurs our 4D Vision Deluxe Triceratops Skeleton Anatomy Model is the ticket for you! They will love this dinosaur toy! If you are on a budget our 4D Vision Triceratops Dinosaur Full Skeleton Anatomy Model is a little less spendy, but it is also a wonderful dinosaur gift as well. If you are searching for a soft dinosaur toy our Adventure Planet 12 Inch Triceratops Dinosaur Plush Toy is a stuffed dinosaur animal toy that is colorful, a little smaller in size and perfect for bringing to bed to cuddle with for little ones. All kids love plush dinosaur toys and Aurora makes four different sized and colored dinosaur stuffed animals that they will all enjoy! Your child has been invited to a dinosaur theme party, we have you covered! Our dinosaur tattoos and dinosaur stickers combined with a few dinosaur books are great for dinosaur gifts. If it’s your child that wants a dinosaur birthday party you have come to the best dinosaur store that has so much dinosaur stuff you will have your dino party planned in a snap! Our Dino Horizons Dinosaur Key Chains and Mini Glow In the Dark Dinosaur Skeleton Excavation Kits make great dinosaur party favors! They all fit perfectly into dinosaur loot bags. Bake up some dinosaur cookies with our cool dinosaur cookie cutters for treats which of course has a Triceratops dinosaur cookie cutter in the set! A great birthday gift for the birthday boy or girl is our Dinosoles DinoGear 3D Triceratops Dinosaur Kids School Backpack Bag. It features the ever popular Triceratops dinosaur that keeps all their school gear together. You can even treat your little one to a dinosaur shirt for their special day with The Mountain Triceratops Dinosaur T-Shirt! These dino shirts feature reinforced double-stitching on all seams. This heavyweight 100% Cotton dinosaur tshirt is nice quality too. A great dinosaur activity for the kids is to have our Wild Republic Mini Paint Dino Kit set out on tables for the kids. They can all paint their own dinosaurs any way they wish and take them home when the party is over. If you are looking for Triceratops dinosaur decorations we also carry Triceratops dinosaur wall stickers that are easy to apply to any wall. You can transform your childs room to look just like Jurassic park dinosaurs in minutes! Please note that our Fathead dinosaur wall decals are so big and sticky that they do recommend that two people are present to install them on the wall! Just to make sure there are no monsters in the room at bedtime we also stock really cute dinosaur night lights! These dino night lights glow in the dark and yes, they do come in Triceratops models too! For those of you that are into gardening we carry a super huge Triceratops Jurassic Size Dinosaur Garden Sculpture. This Triceratops Jurassic Size Dinosaur Garden Sculpture is realistically sculpted with three horns and backward-pointing frill, our prehistoric replica dinosaur statue is cast in quality designer resin and hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture to be as faithful as possible to the form of its ancient species. I hope you have a great time shopping through all of our dinosaurs!