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DINOSAUR halloween costumes

Dinosaur dress up costumes are fun to wear anytime of the year for little ones that love dinosaurs! If you love Velociraptors we have just the dinosaur costume for you! The Deluxe Toddler Velociraptor Dinosaur Costume features incredible details as the scales and markings are printed on the plush red and tan background. The attached tail and headpiece also have a lot of details too. They will think they look tough and mean, but you will know it’s just your adorable little one peeking out from the costume. The Freedom Comfort Mitts and feet are also included. Comfort Mitts allow full use of the hands. Get your little one their very own snuggly soft dinosaur costume today!

Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

Dinosaur Halloween Costumes
Shop Dinosaur Halloween Costumes for kids, boys, girls, toddlers, preschoolers, children and even dogs. The little fido dinosaur outfits are so darling and the kids will love to come home to see their favorite pet sporting a Stegosaurus costume.  Lots of kids love to play dress up in their dino costumes even after the holiday. Our masks and outfits are great for creative and imaginary play. Currently we have Tyrannosaurus rex or t rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops to choose from. We have recently added Dinosaur Train Buddy and Tiny Halloween costumes for all those little ones that love the PBS Dinosaur Train movies. A great sugar free Halloween idea is to give little dinosaur toys in place of candy! The kids will all be happy to receive little dinosaurs toys in their pumpkins. We have lots of little toy dinosaurs to choose from for ages 3 and up.
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Animal Planet Raptor Dog Halloween Costume
Product Code: PET20109
Retail Price: $27.00
SALE PRICE: $16.09  * On Sale *

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Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume
Product Code: PET20105
Retail Price: $29.99
SALE PRICE: $16.09  * On Sale *

Status: In-Stock

Dinosaur Birthday Party Foam Masks
Product Code: COFODIN
Price: $6.99

Status: In-Stock

Iguanodon Dinosaur Halloween Plush Costume
Product Code: 63815
Price: $35.99

Status: In-Stock

Tot-Rannosaurus Baby Dinosaur Halloween Costume
Product Code: 10025
Price: $31.99

Status: In-Stock

Displaying 1 through 5 of 5 products.

If your little one loves Dinosaur Train characters we have two Dinosaur Train Costumes to offer. Buddy All aboard the Dinosaur Train! Explore new places as Buddy in this adorable dinosaur toddler costume from the Award-Winning PBS show celebrating pre-schooler fascination with dinosaurs and trains. Buddy is a Tyrannosaurus who likes to ask questions and form hypotheses. He was adopted by the Pteranodon family while still in the egg. Some episodes name him "Buddy Tyrannosaurus" while others name him "Buddy Pteranodon". Since Buddy is incapable of flight, the family accommodates his differences; his parents or his siblings will carry him when the others are going somewhere that requires flight. His sharp eyesight allows him to be the spotter for the Pteranodon family when they go fishing; he spots the fish underwater and tells the other members of the family where to fish. Buddy's color is orange in his family. He is quite curious. The Dinosaur Train Buddy costume features a removable character hood, soft 100 percent polyester material.

Who wouldn’t want to be a Triceratops dinosaur for Halloween? We have a super cute and cuddly Deluxe Triceratops Dinosaur Costume - This adorable dinosaur costume is so cute it's guaranteed he won't be slayed! Costume is made of very nice plush that's super soft and will keep your little dino-mite warm all night

Searching for a unique yet warm dinosaur costume for your little one this Halloween? Our Iguanodon Dinosaur Costume is made of deluxe plush material and is very colorful Costume. This awesome costume includes dinosaur headpiece, printed scaly jumpsuit with attached mitts, and large dinosaur feet. This dinosaur costume has sturdy construction with stain resistant fabrics. The Iguanodon costume is super soft, green, orange and white material.

If Tyrannosaurus Rex is your thing and you have a little one check out our Tot-Rannosaurus Baby Dinosaur Halloween Costume - let your little one be the king dinosaur of the playpen. This tot-rannosaurus costume features a jumpsuit with snap closure legs for easy diaper changing and attached tail and a colorful dinosaur hood. Size Infant 12-18 Months and totally adorable too!

Don’t forget about fido this Halloween. Our Animal Planet Raptor Dinosaur Dog Halloween Costume is super cute! This Halloween, tap into your dog's wild side with this must-have Raptor costume - guaranteed to strike fun in the hearts of everyone he greets! Includes: Foam-padded costume with arms and tail, foam-printed headpiece.

If you love Stegosaurus dinosaurs and have a little dog, our Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume is sure to bring on the smiles! This Halloween, tap into your dog's wild side with this must-have Stegosaurus dog costume - guaranteed to strike fun in the hearts of everyone he greets! Includes: Foam-padded costume with arms and tail, foam-printed headpiece.

All of our kids dinosaur costumes are great for boys and girls who love dinosaurs. They are fun to wear on Halloween and are a great addition to any dress up chest for kids too. It’s always fun to be a dinosaur for kids!

We will be adding more dinosaur costumes for baby, infants, toddlers, children, youth and adults shortly!