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Dinosaur Costumes

Let's pretend your little ones could be anyone or anything in the whole wide world. They could be a dinosaur, a princess, a superhero, or a fairy. When kids get into pretend dress-up play, their imaginations can transform them into whatever they want to be. What was once your little boy, is now a talking, roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur ordering his brother to walk over the hot lava. Your sweet little girl is now a Velociraptor snarling and running swiftly to catch her next prey. And although it may appear as just a precious moment, when your child dons that dinosaur costume, he or she is developing in ways you can’t even imagine.

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Believe it or not, dress-up play is vital to a child’s development. It fosters the imaginative processes, and allows for play without rules or script which makes it so much fun. Dress up allows for experimentation, role play and fantasy. Let them slip on our cute dinosaur costumes for boys and girls for a lot of prehistoric fun!

When your little one engages in dress-up play, he represents himself as a ferocious dinosaur. He might be a policeman, a baker, a father or a dinosaur. He puts on clothing, shoes and a hat and uses props to act out a role or tell a story. Create a dress-up box for your child that includes everything from a doctor’s jacket to a dinosaur costume and his imagination will kick into high gear.

Even though play is often underestimated, children develop ideas about the world around them and the way the world used to be when dinosaurs walked the earth. When they engage in dramatic dress-up play kids use fine motor skills just getting the costume on! Children grow and develop in a variety of ways through dress-up play.

So how can you create an instant wardrobe for your imaginative child? Our dinosaur costumes are perfect for Halloween and everyday dress up for the serious dinosaur lovers. For ages three to five or six years old in particular wearing a dinosaur costume is very powerful because dinosaurs were so big it calls for a lot of roaring, running and stomping from the dinosaur! Make your next dress up play time super fun for boys and girls with our dinosaur costumes.

Play is symbolic of and used for psychological growth and is the child’s way of practicing new ways of understanding their minds, relationships, and the world around them.

We have Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Velociraptor dinosaur costumes for boys and girls that are high quality, very detailed and super fun to wear.
If you love Stegosaurus dinosaurs and have a little dog, our Animal Planet Stegosaurus Dinosaur Dog Costume is sure to bring on the smiles! This Halloween, tap into your dog's wild side with this must-have Stegosaurus dog costume - guaranteed to strike fun in the hearts of everyone he greets! Includes: Foam-padded costume with arms and tail, foam-printed headpiece.