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Searching for dinosaur party favors is a snap for your dinosaur party here at Dinosaur Toys Superstore because we have been known to throw some of the most outrageous dinosaur birthday parties! We know exactly what it takes to make sure every aspect of the dinosaur birthday party is covered and we stock all of the necessary dinosaur birthday supplies to make it super easy for you to throw an outrageous dinosaur party too! Here’s how to pull it all off like a pro! It all starts with picking the date of the party, once you have a date set mail out your dinosaur invitations to all of your guests. We stock two different styles of dinosaur invitations. If you are looking for a more grown up version I recommend choosing our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Invitations and if you are planning a party for the younger croud I suggest selecting our Dino Blast Dinosaur Invitations. Now the fun begins, let’s start with the dinosaur gift table, it will look nice to cover the table with our Diggin For Dinos Activity Plastic 54x108 Dinosaur Tablecover or our Dino Blast Plastic 54x108 Dinosaur Tablecover for all the guests to place the birthday child’s dinosaur gifts upon. For the dinosaur cake I make a few practice cakes to make sure that I’ve got the icing decoration technique down for the final dinosaur cake, so you will need to order one of our dinosaur cake pans so you can practice too. If you are searching for an easier way to present a dinosaur cake, you can always just add our dinosaur shape candles to the top of any cake and make it look great too. At the food table I always have a lot of extra Diggin For Dinos 3-Ply Beverage Napkins and our Diggin For Dinos 3-Ply Lunch Napkins and stack them right next to the Diggin For Dinos 9 Oz Hot/Cold Cups ready for the guests and I set next to the Diggin For Dinos 7 Inch Square Lunch Plates and the Diggin For Dinos 9 Inch Square Dinner Plates next to the dinosaur shape cake and place the Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Standup Centerpieces towards the rear of the table. I also recommend our dinosaur cookie cutters so you have plenty of dinosaur treats to serve your guests. You can decorate the main room with our Diggin For Dinos Metallic Dinosaur Balloons, streamers and confetti. It is a lot of fun to set up a little table with a mirror and set out our Diggin For Dinos Child Size Dinosaur Party Hats, Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Foam Masks, Plastic Pith Helmets, and some Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Blowouts for the kids to play with before the party starts! If you want to go all out, I clear the party room of all furniture and bought plastic plants and trees, placing them everywhere to get that Jurassic park feeling and hung up our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Flag Banners, Dino Blast Dinosaur Hanging Cutouts and the Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Party Mural. For the activities the possibilities are endless, but here a few ideas that are easy to pull off if you are running short on time. You can set up a few tables with our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Card Game and scatter our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Blowouts on some tables. A table set up with our dinosaur fossil putty is always a big hit. A super fun game to play is pin the tail on the dinosaur with our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Pin The Tail Game. I set out about 4 or 5 of the putty for them to open and play with. The dinosaur fossil putty is also a great dinosaur birthday party favor ideas that you can add to our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Cello Bags or our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Loot Bag. If you are on a budget you and do not have a lot of money to spend on dinosaur party favors for kids, you can always bake some dinosaur cookies make your own dinosaur loot bags by wrapping them in stamped lunch bags using our dinosaur stamps. You can make the bag look really cute with stamping a dinosaur, cutting it out and then reattaching the cut out dinosaur at the top of the bag, adding some leaves from your garden and use raffia for the ribbon. The dinosaur stamps can be used also at the dinosaur party as dinosaur party crafts activity, simply set up a table with plenty of paper and let the kids stamp and color away! It’s best to hang your piñata dinosaur outside if the weather permits. Our orange t rex piñata is our most popular Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Pinata for ages 4 and up. Stuffing the dinosaur piñata with light items so no one gets hurt is a great idea. You can add our Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Stickers, and cheap dinosaur toys or our Diggin For Dinos Stretchy Dinosaur Party Toys along with some candy to the dinosaur piñata. A huge hit at dinosaur birthday parties is to make a sandbox for the kids, add a lot of cheap dinosaur toys and give them the hose – talk about a fun time for all! If you do plan on this activity, I recommend that you give the parents a warning so that they can bring a change of clothes to change into. To thank all of your guests that came to your dinosaur birthday party you can fill the dinosaur loot bags with dinosaur toys, dinosaur cookies, and toss in some of the ever popular dinosaur tattoos as well. When you’re prehistoric party is over, it’s time to send out your Diggin For Dinos Dinosaur Thank You Cards to everyone that came. With all of our cute dinosaur party supplies I’m sure your party will be a big hit with all the kids! I hope I’ve given you a few dinosaur party ideas to get you off to a great start! Check back often as I’m always adding more dinosaur birthday party favors to our dinosaur birthday party supplies department at Dinosaur Toys Superstore!

We are all about dinosaur toys at Dinosaur Toys Superstore.  What could be more fun for your little dinosaur fan than a birthday party with an abundance of dinosaur toys!

Dinosaur Fun Ideas

Dinosaur Eggs: Boil eggs, crack the shell, then re-boil in colored water (I recommend use natural food coloring).

Dinosaur Toe Nails: Peanut Butter filled Bugles dipped in chocolate.

Bubbles: 6 cups water, 1 cup corn syrup, 2 cups regular strength Joy dish soap. Not dinosaur but very fun!

Dinosaur Snot

You will need:

6 cups of water

1.5 cups of corn starch

food color - green for snot

Ziplock bags

Put the ingredients in a pan and bring to the boil, keep stirring until smooth and slime-like.

Let cool the pop into a ziplock, add a Genuine Dinosaur Snot Label then give to your guests as they leave. I recommend having a warning about stains and ingredient list on the label for the adults and possibly taping up the ziplock to stop kids getting it out in the car on the way home.

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