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Jurassic-Sized Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue
Product Code: NE100055
Jurassic-Sized Brachiosaurus Dinosaur Statue - The Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs ever found. Weighing nearly 80 tons, its front legs were taller than the back legs. The long, enormous neck, resembling a modern day giraffe, allowed the Brachiosaurus the height advantage to alarm other dinosaurs such as Apatosaurus and Stegosaurus to oncoming danger from Jurassic predators. Our prehistoric replica dinosaur statue is cast in quality designer resin, reinforced for supreme strength with fiberglass and hand-painted with powerfully convincing color and texture to be as faithful as possible to the form of its ancient species. This item will be made to order for you. Please contact Customer Service so we can arrange delivery service. 509-951-3557. Dinosaur garden statue measures 215.5 W, 41.5 D, 186 H. Available 10/01/18 in USA Only. 

Price: $12,500.00

Status: In-Stock

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