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Malayan Sun Bear Skull Replica
Product Code: CARB2491
Malayan Sun Bear Skull Replica is cast from original CAS specimen. Ursus ( Heliarctos) malayanus. SE Asia and East Indies. Size: 8.9 inch (23cm). Museum quality replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins. Made in USA.

Malayan Sun Bear is the smallest bear in the world, an adult male is about 4 feet (1.2 m) tall when standing on its hind legs and can weigh up to 140 pounds (64 kg). Despite their small size, sun bears can be very dangerous.

Malayan sun bears are skillful climbers, aided by long sickle-shaped claws on all four feet. These extremely long claws — up to six inches — allow the bears to dig for honey and grubs, which they lick up using their long tongues. The bears are omnivores. Their diet also includes fruits, insects, small mammals, and birds.

Price: $199.00

Status: In-Stock

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