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Reeves Muntjac Barking Deer Female Skull Replica
Product Code: CARB3070
Reeves Muntjac Barking Deer Female Skull Replica - Skull measures 6.3 inches or 16cm.

Museum quality replicas are cast in durable Polyurethane resins.
Made in USA

Reeves's muntjac Muntiacus reevesi is a muntjac species found widely in southeastern China (Gansu to Yunnan), Taiwan, Bōsō Peninsula on Honshu and Izu Ōshima. It has also been introduced in Belgium, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom (south England, the Midlands, east Wales and Ireland by 2008.

It feeds on herbs, blossoms, succulent shoots, grasses and nuts, and was also reported to eat trees.] It takes its name from John Reeves, who was appointed Assistant Inspector of Tea for the British East India Company in 1812.

Price: $173.00

Status: In-Stock

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