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Product Code: CADJL0023
Wildcat Male Skull Replica - Felis silvestris - There are three distinct subspecies of wildcat occurring in Europe (F. s. silvestris), Asia (F. s. notatus) and Africa (F. s. libyca). This small carnivore is the ancestor of the domestic house cat. Like house cats, wildcats feed on small vertebrates such as rodents and birds. Wild cats are primarily nocturnal or crepuscular in nature. Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Carnivora FAMILY: Felidae Origin: Eurasia and Africa Diet: Carnivore. Skull Length: 9.5 cm or 3.6 inches. Museum quality fossil replica is cast in durable polyurethane resins. Made in USA.

Price: $80.00

Status: In-Stock

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