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Hippopotamus Skull Replicas Models
Product Code: RSO64
Hippopotamus Skull Replicas Models - Hippopotamus amphibius.,The hippopotamus is found in the river systems throughout much of central Africa. Hippos spend much of the day socializing in the water, but come ashore to feed at night. This large aquatic herbivore can be aggressive when protecting its territory. The hippopotamus contributes to more human deaths in Africa than lions, crocodiles and venomous snakes combined.

Specifications: CLASS: Mammalia ORDER: Artiodactyla FAMILY: Hippopotamidae Origin: Africa 

Museum Quality Polyurethane cast. Made in the USA. Skull Length: 28.8 in. Oversize freight. Call 509-951-3557 for shipping quote.

Price: $1,094.00

Status: In-Stock

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