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Shasta Ground Sloth Skull Fossil Replica
Product Code: L102A
Shasta Ground Sloth Skull Fossil Replica - Nothrotheriops shastense; nearly full grown, partly mummified body from bat guano in cave Conservation status Fossil Scientific classification Order: Xenarthra Family: Megatheriidae Subfamily: Nothrotheriinae Genus: Nothrotheriops Nothrotheriops is a genus of Pleistocene ground sloth found in North and South America. This genus of bear-sized xenarthran was related to the much larger, and far more famous Megatherium, although it has recently been placed in a different family, Nothrotheriidae. Polyurethane cast of the original. Licensed from the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County Foundation, 13.8in.L x 5.8in.wide.7in.height with jaw.

Price: $359.00

Status: In-Stock

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