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Dimetrodon Limbatus Hayashibara Skeleton
Product Code: AA113

Dimetrodon Skeleton is mounted and crated. This Mammal-like reptile of Permian Texas of Hayashibara Science Museum. # 11 ft length, 4 ft height. Put this out by your mailbox and impress all the neighbors. Have fun with it in the garden or anywhere you wish!  All replicas are molded with a sturdy resin material using a special process of roto-casting. This allows for more detail than many simpler mold making processes. By offering a selection of replica skulls educators now have access to a range of skulls that are normally unavailable. The lightweight material used in the process also aids in easy transport and storage of the pieces. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Call 509-951-3557 for delivery rates.

Price: $18,900.00

Status: Ships within 4-6 Weeks

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