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Due to COVID-19, we are sorry to announce Dinosaur Toys Superstore is now CLOSED. Thank you to our customers for their loyal patronage and support over the years.

Dinosaur Fossil Claws Replicas
Shop Dinosaur Fossil Claws Replicas -  Dinosaur Toys Superstore is the leading supplier of contemporary dinosaur claw, toe, digit, fingers replicas, fossil skulls and skeletons. Located in Portland, Nd and in business for over 15 years supplying museums, schools, science institutions and people that love dinosaurs with high quality dinosaur elements. 

Our Museum Quality Dinosaur Fossil Claws Replicas include T-rex claw, bones, spikes, Acrocanthosaurus hand and toe claw, Allosaurus claw, Camarasaurus claw, Dromaeosaurus Claw, Edmontosaurus digit claw, Megaraptor claw, Nanotyrannus claw, Ornithomimus hand and toe claws, Therizinosaurus claw, Tyrannosaurus rex hand and toe claws, Velociraptor claw, Utahraptor claws. All of our Dinosaur Fossil Claws are made of poly resin and some even come in a nice display case that can be set on a desk, or displayed on your wall that are made by Collecta Dinosaurs. 

If you are holding a special event and you need more dinosaur claws than we currently have in stock just call us at 509-951-3557 and we will special order them for you! These fossil claws are fun to collect and can enhance any dinosaur room and be used as dinosaur decorations as well. One of our most popular dinosaur claws is the CollectA Baryonyx Dinosaur Hooked Thumb Claw Fossil Replica that is a fine highly detailed replica claw sculpture that comes in a display box with a built in easel and wall hook for easy display. We have both dinosaur fossil foot claw replicas and hand replicas for you to choose from. All of our dinosaur fossils, skulls and skeletons are of museum quality. I hope you enjoy shopping our awesome collection of dinosaur fossil replicas.

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CollectA Baryonyx Dinosaur Hooked Thumb Claw Fossil Replica
Product Code: 89282
Price: $9.99

Status: In-Stock

Displaying 1 through 1 of 1 products.