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Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toys

Welcome to our dinosaur store! It’s easy to shop dinosaurs at our dinosaur store because we have separated out the dinosaur names just to make it easy for you to buy dinosaurs that you are specifically interested in!

Shop Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toys. Saltasaurus is a genus of titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous Period. Relatively small among sauropods, though still massive by the standards of modern creatures, Saltasaurus was characterized by a diplodocid-like head (with blunt teeth, only in the front of the mouth). It was the first genus of sauropod known to possess armour of bony plates embedded in its skin. The small bony plates (called osteoderms, a feature of modern crocodiles). Saltasaurus was first described by José Bonaparte and Jaime E. Powell, in 1980 and had an estimated length of 39 feet and a mass of 8 tons. Like all sauropods, Saltasaurus was herbivorous, and its name is derived from the region of north-west Argentina, where the first fossils were recovered. Other fossils have since been found in Uruguay.

Currently on the market there is only one Saltasaurus dinosaurs toys to choose from and it's made by Carnegie Collectible Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toy Model. This toy dinosaurs is museum quality and hand painted, which makes it a great addition to any dino collection. Hopefully Collecta and Schleich will come out soon with a Saltasaurus dinosaurs replicas!
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Carnegie Saltasaurus Dinosaur Collectible
Product Code: 403001
Price: $9.99

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Displaying 1 through 1 of 1 products.

Could it be that the Saltasaurus dinosaur is your favorite dinosaur? This fun dinosaur is loved by so many children! We have one dinosaur model of the Saltasaurus to offer made by Carnegie dinosaurs. Carnegie Collectible Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toy Model - For over 25 years, Safari Ltd. has been proud to provide this premier dinosaur line of scale model dinosaur collectibles. These award winning dinosaur replicas are authenticated by the paleontologists of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, who houses the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the world. Each Carnegie dinosaur can have up to 25 steps of hand painting to ensure the highest quality in the world marketplace. Detailed educational information in 5 languages are provided with each replica. All our products are phthalate-free and thoroughly safety tested to safeguard your child's health. Safari Ltd. takes pride in providing breathtaking, innovative and value priced dinosaur figures for now over 3 generations. Each January, Safari Ltd. introduces 2 new Carnegie dinosaur models to encourage the collectability of such an intriguing line. Featured is our Carnegie Collection Saltasaurus Size: 8" L x 4", Scaled at 1:35. This dinosaur would make a great addition to any dinosaur collection or dinosaur display. It’s an unusual dinosaur figurine that makes a great conversation piece that could be used as a nice dinosaur decoration in a dinosaur bedroom. Dinosaur décor is a popular choice with professional offices as dinosaurs appeal to a wide range of people and spark conversation too! We are hoping that CollectA dinosaurs, Schleichs dinosaurs, and Wild Safari dinosaurs will come out with their own models of this awesome dinosaur soon! If you are searching for dinosaur crafts for kids check out The DK Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs features dino stickers and facts about every kind of dinosaur imaginable and offers over 600 dinosaur stickers! This dinosaur encyclopedia is great for a lot of dinosaur activities at school or home! For the price this dinosaur book is a fantastic resource for a lot of kids dinosaur activities. If you are a teacher searching to add to your dinosaur lessons or even renewing your dinosaur lesson plans for dinosaur week at school this dinosaur book will soon become your best friend for when it comes time for dinosaur projects! We are the biggest dinosaur toy store online today and strive to make sure your experience shopping for dinosaur toys is fun! If you need assistance in choosing that perfect dinosaur gift for your little one just call our toll free line. We love to talk about dinosaurs and strive to give you fantastic customer service! We pretty much have everything dinosaur you can imagine. Check back often as I am always adding new dinosaur things to every department! I hope your dinosaur shopping experience at Dinosaur Toys Superstore is wonderful and you love all of our dinosaur stuff for kids and adults! We think no little one can ever have enough dinosaur things to play with!