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Swimming dinosaurs are very interesting to children and adults alike. It’s also very fun for kids to play with swimming dinosaur toys in the bath tub! These are the main reasons we carry Plesiosaurus dinosaur toys.

Shop Plesiosaurus Dinosaur toys.   Plesiosaurus was a genus of large marine sauropterygian reptile that lived during the early part of the Jurassic Period, and is known by nearly complete skeletons from the Lias of England. Although there are a number of modern day myths surrounding this order of creature, such as the myth of the Loch Ness monster, these creatures are known to be extinct. It is distinguishable by its small head, long and slender neck, broad turtle-like body, a short tail, and two pairs of large, elongated paddles. Plesiosaurus was a moderately-sized plesiosaur that grew to a length of about 11 ft.  Plesiosaurus fed on belemnites, fish and other prey. Its U-shaped jaw and sharp teeth would have been like a fish trap. 

We carry Carnegies Plesiosaurus dinosaurs toys model or figurine for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. This dinosaur toys figure is hand painted and very nice quality replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric toy dinosaurs play by kids. This particular model is what started our entire idea of creating a dinosaur toy store because my son wanted the swimming dinosaurs! We also have 4D Master 3D Hand Painted Plesiosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model Puzzle that is packaged in a nice box that's easy to wrap. This Plesiosaurus toy is what started our store! This is all my son asked for for his birthday one year. It is the number one dino toy in our home as it is so fun in the tub and sandbox too.

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Carnegie Elasmosaurus Dinosaur Collectible
Product Code: 411701
Price: $14.99
Status: In-Stock


Dino Island Adventure Coloring Book
Product Code: 491552
Price: $4.99

Dinosaur Cut and Use Stencils Book
Product Code: 259234
Price: $4.95
Status: In-Stock


Dinosaur Skeleton Assembly Kit
Product Code: 510286
Price: $7.99
Status: In-Stock


Dover The DINOSAUR Coloring Book
Product Code: 240220
Price: $4.99
Status: In-Stock


Wild Cotton Dinosaur Glow Bones Kids T Shirt
Product Code: WC356K
Price: $18.99
Status: In-Stock


Wild Republic Itsy Bitsies Dinosaurs Bucket
Product Code: 88515
Price: $5.99
Status: In-Stock


Safari Carnivorous Dinos Toob
Product Code: 699004
Price: $9.99
Status: In-Stock

Displaying 1 through 8 of 8 products.

I know firsthand because my son Jesse used to play with his water dinosaurs in the bath tub for hours! He would have dinosaurs swimming all over the tub! He loved dinosaurs that swim so much and that is the reason Dinosaur Toys Superstore is here today because all he wanted for his birthday was a Plesiosaurus dinosaur toy! I shopped everywhere for dinosaur stuff for his dinosaur birthday party but was not able to find any dino toys that even closely resembled what we had been reading about in all of this dinosaur books for him. There is just something magical about dinosaurs water for little kids that love dinosaurs! His all-time favorite finned dinosaurs were the Plesiosaurus and the Carnegie Collectible Elasmosaurus Dinosaur Toy and the Carnegie Collectible Kronosaurus Dinosaur Model Toy. I was able to find him a bar of glycerin dinosaur soap that had a little Plesiosaurus toy dinosaur inside for him and it was a bit hit, but did not last long once the dinosaur teeth of the Kronosaurus dinosaur got a hold of it! He also had a little green Plesiosaurus toy dinosaur that was made by Bullyland that was only about two inches in size but he always had that cute little dinosaur in his pocket wherever he went! He knew every swimming dinosaur names by heart! Today we offer seven different dinosaur replicas that include the Plesiosaurus dinosaur! Our 4D Master 3D Hand Painted Plesiosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model Puzzle is Museum quality fine detailed sculpturing and hand painted. Once the dinosaur puzzle is assembled they can proudly add it to their dinosaur collection! Carnegie dinosaurs has a huge dinosaur line and it includes a very nice Carnegie Collectible Elasmosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model. If you are searching for a smaller Plesiosaurus our dinosaur tubes made by Safari Prehistoric Sealife Toob has a very cute Plesiosaurus included in the tube and so does our Safari Carnivorous Dinos Toob which is our best-selling dinosaur toob! Talk about exciting is our GeoWorld Sea Monsters Elamosaurus Skeleton Excavation Kit! Kids get to use the hammer and chisel provided to dig and discover the Elasmosaurus embedded in the rock matrix. Excavate and piece together the museum quality Plesiosaur bones. Elasmosaurus was a great plesiosaur with an extraordinarily elongated neck made up of more than 70 vertebrae. The head was very small with sharp teeth. It is thought the Elasmosaurus fished swimming with its neck out of the water watching closely for fish to feed upon. Once it located its prey, its long neck sprang out like a whip and its prey fell victim to its sharp teeth! I know had this kit been around when Jesse was younger he would have wanted 10 of them! We do have one dinosaur shirt that features the Plesiosaurus it is made by Wild Cotton Dinosaur Glow In The Dark T Shirt - X-Ray style dinosaurs with glow-in-the-dark dinosaur bones. This fun dinosaur shirt features 9 dinosaurs, all of which have glow in the dark bones. The dinosaurs are: Camarasaurus, T-Rex, Pteranadon, Brachiosaurus, Gallimimus, Archaeopteryx, Stegosaurus, Plesiosaurus and Styracosaurus dinosaurs. Jesse did wear this dinosaur tshirt until it just simply would not fit anymore! Yes he was dinosaur crazy! I hope you have a great time shopping for all of your dinosaur gifts! If you need more than what we currently have in stock just give us a call on our toll free number at 877-700-006f4 and we can place any item on special order for you! We are always here to give you excellent customers service – Always!