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Microraptor Dinosaur Toys

Welcome to our dinosaur store! It’s easy to shop dinosaurs at our dinosaur store because we have separated out the dinosaur names just to make it easy for you to buy dinosaurs that you are specifically interested in!

Shop Microraptor Dinosaur Toys. Microraptor was a small, four-winged dromaeosaurid dinosaur. Numerous well-preserved fossil specimens have been recovered from Liaoning, China. They date from the early Cretaceous Jiufotang Formation, 120 million years ago. Microraptor had long pennaceous feathers that formed aerodynamic surfaces on the arms and tail but also, surprisingly, on the legs. With adult specimens ranging from 2.53 to 3.0 feet and a weight estimated up to 2.2 lbs., Microraptor was among the smallest known non-avian dinosaurs. 

We carry Carnegies Microraptor dinosaurs toys model or figurine for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. This dinosaur toys figure is  hand painted and very nice quality replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric toy dinosaurs play by kids. We also offer Wild Safaris Feathered Dinosaur toob which has a little model of a Microraptor and feathered dino tattoos.  These flying dinosaurs with feathers and wings are becoming very popular.

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Safari Feathered Dinos Toob
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Displaying 1 through 1 of 1 products.

Currently there is only one Microraptor dinosaur model in all of the dinosaur lines to choose from. The Microraptor dinosaur replica is made by Carnegie Dinosaurs. Carnegie Collectible Microraptor Dinosaur Toy Model is of museum quality, hand-painted nice shades of dark orange and all of its feather tips are highlighted with black. This feathered dinosaur figurine would be an awesome addition to any dinosaur collection or dinosaur display! The Microraptor dinosaur has its wings spread and mouth open so it looks like it is just ready to take off for flight! This dino toy size measures 9" L x 4". If you are searching for dinosaur crafts for kids check out The DK Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs features dino stickers and facts about every kind of dinosaur imaginable and offers over 600 dinosaur stickers! This dinosaur encyclopedia is great for a lot of dinosaur activities at school or home! For the price this dinosaur book is a fantastic resource for a lot of kids dinosaur activities. If you are in need of dinosaurs for a dinosaur project, dinosaur diorama or a smaller dinosaur model of the Microraptor our dinosaur tube made by Safari Feathered Dinos Toob includes a little Microraptor along with psittacosaurus, protoceratops, pachycephalosaurus, chasmosaurus, apatosaurus, t-rex or tyrannosaurus rex, caudipteryx, dilong, beipiaosaurus, velociraptor and sinornithosaurus dinosaurs. These dinosaur tubes also make great dinosaur gifts for dinosaur birthday parties and they also fit nicely in Christmas stockings too! If you have a little older crowd at a birthday party they are well received as a dinosaur party favor to say thank you to all your guests. Although Dovers Feathered Dinosaurs tattoos book does not feature a Microraptor dinosaur I included it in this department because some dinosaur fans love all the feathered dinosaurs. This dinosaur tattoo book features a four-winged flying dinosaur, Sinornithosaurus also known as the Chinese bird lizard, Archaeopteryx one of the oldest known birds,Troodon which might have been the smartest dinosaur due to the size of its brain, Velociraptor and a baby Tyrannosaurus Rex or T-Rex! We are the biggest dinosaur toy store online today and strive to make sure your experience shopping for dinosaur toys is fun! If you need assistance in choosing that perfect dinosaur gift for your little one just call our toll free line. We love to talk about dinosaurs and strive to give you fantastic customer service! We pretty much have everything dinosaur you can imagine. Check back often as I am always adding new dinosaur things to every department!