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Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Kentrosaurus dinosaurs look scary because of their sharp-point, lizard like tail and all the spikes! They are exciting dinosaurs that are a fantastic addition to any dinosaur collection or dinosaur display in any dinosaur bedroom or professional office!

Shop Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toys. Kentrosaurus is a dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of Tanzania. Kentrosaurus measured up to 17 feet long and weighed about 2 tons, but its small brain was the size of a walnut. Its skull was long and narrow, with a toothless beak and small cheek teeth. Its head was carried close to the ground. It had hoof-like claws on its toes. Kentrosaurus fossils have been found in Tendaguru, Tanzania, Africa. Kentrosaurus was named in 1915 by Edwin Hennig. 

We carry Collecta and Wild Safari Kentrosaurus dinosaurs toys models or figurines for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. These dinosaur toys figures are all hand painted and very nice quality replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric play by kids. We also offer a fantastic garden sculpture of the Kentrosaurus for sale. 4D Master 3D Hand Painted Kentrosaurus toy dinosaur Model Puzzle is a museum quality dinosaur toy model that has fine detail sculpturing and is hand painted.

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4D Master 3D Hand Painted Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model Puzzle
Product Code: 26413

Price: $6.49
Status: In-Stock


CollectA Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toy Scale Model
Product Code: 88400
Price: $7.79
Status: In-Stock


Wild Safari Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model
Product Code: 300629
Price: $5.99
Status: In-Stock

Displaying 1 through 3 of 3 products.

Welcome to our dinosaur store! It’s easy to shop dinosaurs at our dinosaur store because we have separated out the dinosaur names just to make it easy for you to buy dinosaurs that you are specifically interested in! Kentrosaurus were herbivores but they just look like a dangerous dinosaur! We have two different dinosaur models, replicas or figurines of the Kentrosaurus dinosaurs available. The first one is made by Collecta dinosaurs. The CollectA Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model is of museum quality, hand-painted a nice gray tone with a tiny bit of green accents. This dino toy size measures 4.75"L x 2"H. Wild Safari Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model is sculpted in amazing detail according to the latest paleontological research. This dinosaur is also hand-painted two shades of green and the stomach is tan, phthalate-free, thoroughly safety tested and measures 5" L x 2". If you are searching for dinosaur crafts for kids check out The Usborne Dinosaurs Sticker Book contains over 80 different dinosaurs and prehistoric animals shown inside this dino sticker book. Each one is clearly described, and illustrated with a black and white picture. Can you find the right dinosaur sticker to go with each description? The DK Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs features dino stickers and facts about every kind of dinosaur imaginable and offers over 600 dinosaur stickers! This dinosaur encyclopedia is great for a lot of dinosaur activities at school or home! For the price this dinosaur book is a fantastic resource for a lot of kids dinosaur activities. Another great dinosaur activities to offer is a table of dinosaur puzzles. We do have one dinosaur puzzle that is made by 4D Master 3D Hand Painted Kentrosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model Puzzle is a museum quality dinosaur toy model that has fine detail sculpturing and is hand painted. Packed in a gift box the model is approximately 3" and consist of 25 pieces. This dinosaur puzzle is intended for ages 6 and up and makes a great dinosaur birthday present! After they are finished assembling the puzzle they can proudly add the toy dinosaur to their dinosaur collection! We are the biggest dinosaur toy store online today and strive to make sure your experience shopping for dinosaur toys is fun! If you need assistance in choosing that perfect dinosaur gift for your little one just call our toll free line. We love to talk about dinosaurs and strive to give you fantastic customer service! We pretty much have everything dinosaur you can imagine. Check back often as I am always adding new dinosaur things to every department!