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Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toys

Welcome to our dinosaur store! I’ve made it super easy to shop dinosaurs by making each dinosaur names for the most part have their very own department! We are the place to buy dinosaurs from as we have the best selection of dinosaur toys on the web today!

Shop Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toys. Giganotosaurus although large, had a slender, elongated build. It showed wrinkled appearance areas on the edges of the snout top and above the eye opening. Giganotosaurus dinosaur lived around 95 million years ago during the early Cenomanian stage of the Late Cretaceous Periods. Fossils have been found in Argentina. The most complete find of Giganotosaurus was made by Rubén Dario Carolini, an amateur fossil hunter who, on 25 July 1993, discovered a skeleton in deposits of Patagonia (southern Argentina) in what is now considered the Candeleros Formation. 

We carry Schleichs Giganotosaurus dinosaurs toys models or figurines for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. This figure is  hand painted and very nice quality dinosaur toys replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric play by kids. We also offer museum quality Giganotosaurus skull and tooth fossil replicas that are made of acrylic and make wonderful decorations for bedrooms or professional offices as well. Pair the Giganotosaurus toy dinosaurs up with a few other dinos and you will have a nice collection.

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Carnegie Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Collectible
Product Code: 412201
Price: $16.99
Status: In-Stock


Dinosaurs Stained Glass Coloring Book
Product Code: 446689
Price: $6.99
Status: In-Stock


Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Skull Fossil Replica
Product Code: VAP01
Price: $223.00
Status: In-Stock


Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Skull Wall Plaque
Product Code: DMG04
Price: $19.00
Status: In-Stock


Giganotosaurus Tooth Fossil Replica
Product Code: DT40VA
Price: $19.00
Status: In-Stock


Schleich Dinosaur Toys Gigantosaurus Model
Product Code: 14516
Price: $28.99
Status: In-Stock

Displaying 1 through 6 of 6 products.

We sell dinosaur models, replicas, and figurines and so much more dinosaur stuff you will be sure to have a happy little dinosaur lover when you are done shopping for dino toys! Whether you are searching for a dinosaur gift for that next dinosaur birthday party or searching for dinosaur decorations, apparel, t shirts, hats, back packs, lunch boxes, or dinosaur games to play you have come to the right dino store! We are all about dinosaurs here at Dinosaur Toys Superstore! We carry all the big brand names such as Carnegie, CollectA or Procon, Schleichs, Safari, Wild Safari dinosaurs! Our dinosaur line includes a fantastic selection of toy dinosaurs for you to choose from. We have stocked up on everything dinosaur any dinosaur lover could wish such as dinosaur rings, umbrellas, flip flops, t shirts, puzzles, stuffed animals, birthday party supplies, birthday party favors, stickers, stencils, puppets, Halloween costumes, pillows, bedroom décor, night lights, crossing signs, skeletons, bones, teeth, skulls, and we even have dinosaur dog Halloween costumes too for your little Fido! We have the hard to find dinosaur stuff that every child or adult that loves dinosaurs will enjoy receiving such as our dinosaur soap that smells wonderful! We have a great selection of dinosaur eggs which are always a sure bet to keep them happy at Easter time! They are great for Christmas stockings and to stuff in to dinosaur loot bags too. Our larger dinosaur egg that is of museum quality dinosaur dig kit does not however fit into the dinosaur loot bags, but would be a nice find in an Easter basket! If Giganotosaurus dinosaurs is what you are search for we have to offer two dinosaur models that are both museum quality. The first one is made by Carnegie Collectible Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Toy Model that is hand-painted a nice grey tone, and scaled at 1:40. It’s a very high quality dinosaur toy in the fine dinosaur line that Carnegie dinosaurs is famous for! The second Giganotosaurs model is made by Schleich Dinosaur Giganotosaurus Toy Model that is also hand-painted a nice maroon and brown tones and measures 5.3 x 10.6 x 6.7 inches. This toy dinosaur has a moveable mouth and makes a fine addition to any dinosaur collection or dinosaur display for serious dinosaur collectors! If you are into dinosaur fossils, skulls, bones, teeth, or skeletons check out our Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Skull Fossil Replica is of museum quality and cast in durable polyurethane resins. This fine Giganotosaurus skull fossil will thrill any dinosaur lover and collector! This dinosaur skull is scaled at 1/9th and makes a fine dinosaur decoration! It makes a nice addition to any dinosaur bedroom and is recommended for ages 6 and up. Another dinosaur themed bedroom decoration we have to offer is our Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Skull Wall Plaque is of museum quality and cast in durable polyurethane resins. This fine Giganotosaurus dinosaur skull wall plaque will thrill any dinosaur lover and collector! 1/10th scale from the largest theropod found to date. Ready to hang on your wall for that perfect prehistoric accent. If you are searching for unique dinosaur decorations our Giganotosaurus Dinosaur Tooth Fossil Replica is of museum quality and cast in durable polyurethane resins. This fine Giganotosaurus tooth fossil will thrill any dinosaur lover and collector! Fossil replica from the largest meat-eating dinosaur discovered measures7.5 inches. Talk about a prehistoric conversation piece for your dino den! If you are looking for a Giganotosaurus dinosaur sticker believe it or not we have that for you too! Our DK Sticker Encyclopedia Dinosaurs features dinosaur stickers and facts about every kind of dinosaur imaginable, from towering T-rex to wily Compsognathus. More than just a dinosaur sticker book, DK Sticker Encyclopedias features a wealth of dinosaur facts and jaw-dropping statistics. Readers can use the book's hundreds of stickers to illustrate these facts, create their own scenes, or add some pizzazz to their school supplies and lockers too! I hope you enjoy shopping through our huge selection of dinosaur gifts! As always if you need more than we have in stock, just give us a call on our toll-free line and we will be happy to order any quantity you need. We are all about dinosaurs and excellent customer service – Always!