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Dinosaur Eggs
Shop Dinosaur Eggs. If you are searching for a dinosaur egg we have all types and styles of dinosaurs eggs right here at Dinosaur Toys Superstore. We have cute and colorful toy dinosaurs egg that is perfect for placing in Easter Baskets. Dino eggs are fun for all children, finding a dinosaur egg toy in a Christmas Stocking or even in their lunch box just for fun! Dinosaurs toys for kids are fun at anytime. Our selection of dinosaurs toys for boys and girls is so much fun, we even have hatching dinosaur eggs! Toy dinosaur eggs can be used to reward children for just about anything! You can hide a little dino egg anywhere inside and play hot and cold dinosaur egg game anytime! If you have been searching for any type of egg dinosaur to give as a dinosaur gift you have come to the right place! Check out our latest addition that's load of fun, a little messy and of museum quality dinosaur egg excavation kits. 
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Product Code: 970509
Wild Safari Ovirapor with Nest Dinosaur Toy Model - Check out the vivid colors of the Oviraptor Mother from Safari Ltd as she protects her newborn young. Wild Safari Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life were created for the dinosaur lover in all of us. Slightly smaller than our Carnegie Dinosaur Collectibles, these replicas introduce collectors to the fascinating landscapes and creatures of prehistoric worlds. Each hand painted figure is designed to stimulate the imaginations of children of all ages. Wild Safari Ovirapor with Nest Dinosaur Toy Model is recommended for ages 3 and up. 

Measures: 5.75” W and 4.25” H

Price: $14.99

Status: In-Stock

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