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Shop Oviraptor Dinosaur Toys. Oviraptor is a small Mongolian theropod dinosaur, first discovered by the paleontologist Roy Chapman Andrews, and first described by Henry Fairfield Osborn, in 1924.  Its name is Latin for 'egg thief', referring to the fact that the first fossil specimen was discovered atop a pile of what were thought to be Protoceratops eggs. The discovery of nesting specimens of the related Citipati, with the same types of egg in the original Oviraptor specimen, showed that the eggs actually belonged to Oviraptor, not Protoceratops, and that the type specimen was likely brooding the eggs, not feeding on them. While this discovery did not rule out the possibility that Oviraptor included eggs in its diet, its exact feeding strategies remain unknown. Oviraptor lived in the late Cretaceous period, during the late Campanian stage about 75 million years ago. Oviraptor was one of the most bird-like of the non-avian dinosaurs. Oviraptors rib cage displayed several features that are typical of birds. 

We carry Carnegie and Collecta Oviraptor dinosaurs toys models or figurines for boys, girls, kids, children, preschoolers and collectors. These dinosaur toys figures are all hand painted and very nice quality replicas suitable for display and durable enough to hold up to a lot of jurassic or prehistoric toy dinosaurs play by kids. We also offer a really cute Oviraptor puppet made by Aurora. These dinos are one of the favorites of the winged or feathered dinos.


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Aurora Plush Opie Oviraptor Dinosaur Stage Puppet
Product Code: 32055
Aurora Plush Opie Oviraptor Dinosaur Stage Puppet is a cuddly cool and insanely fun plush puppet!  The 10 inch size of this plush oviraptor puppet makes it workable for hands of all ages and its soft faux fur makes it lovable and cuddly even when it isn't part of your awesome puppet show.  Opie plush oviraptor stage puppet will spark creativity, inspire interactive playtime and will add so much personaility to your next dinosaur puppet show.  As with all of Aurora's amazing plush dinosaur puppets, Opie the Plush Oviraptor Dinosaur is made from all new, child friendly materials and meets or exceeds all US safety standards.  Surface washing is suggested for our plush dinosaur puppet; recommended for ages 3 and up.

Price: $9.99

Status: In-Stock

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