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Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panels
Shop our Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panels - Dinosaur Toys Superstore is a major supplier of Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panels to Museums, science institutions and schools. We have Dinosaur Fossil Dig Panels, Fossil Replicas, Bones, Skeletons, Jaws, Foot, Ulna, Humerus, Femur, Tail, Rib, Vertebra, Toes, Teeth, Claws, T-rex Maxilla, Albertosaurus Maxilla, Triceratops horns, Iguanodon Thumb, Duckbill Toes, T-rex Tooth, Aerosaurus skeleton, Allodesmus skeleton, Confusornis skeletons, Nanosaurus skeleton, Nyctosaurus skeleton, Oreodont skeleton and Chasmosaur bones. All Museum Quality Dinosaur Dig Panels are cast in durable Polyurethane resins. Our selection of dinosaur elements is a fantastic collection for anyone who loves or teaches about dinosaurs! Don't forget to throw in a few dinosaurs toys for the classroom too! Safari, Collecta and Schleich make high quality toy dinosuars that are colorful, durable and educational.

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Dinosaur Dig Fossil Bones Sand Panel
Product Code: P112
Dinosaur Dig Fossil Bones Sand Panel is a perfect fossil dig in sand activity for museums, camps, schools and playgrounds. Cast in very thick and strong light weight resin and fiberglass. Size 4 FT x 4 FT, thickness of the panel approximately 6 to 7 inches. Please note that this product is only available for ups ground shipping and requires a crate for shipment.

A. Triceratops Brow horns
B. Duckbill jaw with tooth battery
C. Iguanodon thumb
D. Dinosaur toe claw (2)
E. Duckbill toes (2)
F. Duckbill cervical vertebra
G. T-rex tooth with root
H. Duckbill illium & ischium
I. Duckbill scapula
J. Triceratops tooth
K. Duckbill tibia
L. Duckbill skin & bone
M. Acrocanthrosaur claw 

Price: $1,400.00

Status: In-Stock

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