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Shop Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toys. Saltasaurus is a genus of titanosaurid sauropod dinosaur of the Late Cretaceous Period. Relatively small among sauropods, though still massive by the standards of modern creatures, Saltasaurus was characterized by a diplodocid-like head (with blunt teeth, only in the front of the mouth). It was the first genus of sauropod known to possess armour of bony plates embedded in its skin. The small bony plates (called osteoderms, a feature of modern crocodiles). Saltasaurus was first described by José Bonaparte and Jaime E. Powell, in 1980 and had an estimated length of 39 feet and a mass of 8 tons. Like all sauropods, Saltasaurus was herbivorous, and its name is derived from the region of north-west Argentina, where the first fossils were recovered. Other fossils have since been found in Uruguay.

Currently on the market there is only one Saltasaurus dinosaurs toys to choose from and it's made by Carnegie Collectible Saltasaurus Dinosaur Toy Model. This toy dinosaurs is museum quality and hand painted, which makes it a great addition to any dino collection. Hopefully Collecta and Schleich will come out soon with a Saltasaurus dinosaurs replicas!
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