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Shop Euoplocephalus Dinosaur Toys. The Euoplocephalus, meaning "well-armored head", had an extensive spiky armor, low body and a bony club formed tail. In 1902, Canadian fossil hunter, Lawrence M. Lambe named the dinosaur. The Euoplocephalus dinosaur, has an average weight of 2 tons, length of 20 feet and width of 8 feet. Similar to ankylosaurids, it had a horny beak, spines on the side of the head, flat thick triangular skull and plates to protect its eyes. The palpebral bones over the eyes may have provided additional protection for the eyes. These bones were located in the eyelid musculature and were probably mobile enough to be moved over the eyes. This huge and heavy reptile was a plant eating animal or herbivore. Many fossils have been found in Alberta, Canada and Montana, and USA.

We have only one Euoplocephalus dinosaur toy to offer at this time. Hopefully Carnegie, Collecta or Schleich will come out with a nice model of this dinosaurs toys soon. We are happy to offer Fatheads wall graphics that also features the most awesome Euoplocephalus dinosaur as well as Usborne Sticker Book features nice stickers of this dinosaur too. Match this toy dinosaur with other dinosaur models and you will have a fantastic collection!
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Fathead Dinosaurs Group Two Wall Decal
Product Code: 69-00034
Price: $89.99

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