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Primate Monkey Skulls
Primate Monkey Skulls - We have an selection of museum quality primates Skulls. Featured skulls are of Apes, Gibbons, Monkeys, Baboons skulls that include Celebes Crested Macaque Skull, Douc Langur Skull, Gelada Baboon Skull, Hamadryas Baboon Female Skull, Hamadryas Baboon Male Skull, Mandrill Male Skull, Mexican Howler Monkey Skull, Mona Monkey Male Skull, Owl Monkey Male Skull, Patas Monkey Male Skull, Purple-Faced Langur Female Skull, Red-Faced Uakari Female Skull, Siamang Gibbon Male Skull, Sooty Mangabey Female Skull, Sooty Mangabey Male Skull, Spider Monkey Male Skull, Vervet Green Monkey Male Skull, Weeping Capuchin Skull, White-Handed Gibbon Skull, and Woolly Monkey Skulls. Museum quality Monkey Skull replicas cast in durable Polyurethane resins. Made in USA. 

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